School Disctricts

schoolDistrict“DataPak provides an effective, easy to use fuel
management system. From the drivers to admin,   Stephen B. Etter
it’s ideal for any fleet.”
                             Safety and Training Supervisor,
                                                                                              school district fleet

DataPak FLOWrangler Controller…built for any fleet.

Whether 8-vehicles or 1,000, the FLOWrangler can meet your fleet needs:

• Has alpha-numeric option at the keypad so employees can enter

the Equipment ID info before fueling.

• Will prompt for Hours or Mileage, Employee FuelKey ID# & PIN

(both assigned by management) and option for “Dept Charged.”

• Pre-set gallon and grade restrictions by Employee.

• Customers using DataPak’s remote (radio or IP) can issue Day &

Week limits by employee and by Equipment—ask us how!