Remote Access Options

Communication Options between Customer PC and FLOWrangler:
The DataPak System Manager is a pc app used to collect data from the FLOWrangler(s), process the data and generate a fuel usage report. 
The System Manager has the ability to process data and connect to the FLOWranglers remotely via:

•Wireless—PC @ Site A to FLOWrangler @ Fuel Site-1, using a radio with a range of up to 1,000’ on line-of-site.
•Internet (PC’s @ Sites B & C to FLOWranglers at Fuel Sites-2 & 3 via IP using CAT5, -5e, or -6.
•Ability to restrict PC’s to specific sites, i.e., PC @ Site B to a specified Fuel Site, while PC @ Site C could communicate with either Fuel Site 2 or 3, OR
•Combination of ethernet to a wireless device as represented in Fuel Site 3-2 & 3-3.