FLOWrangler DataLoggers are designed to automate the capture of equipment hours, odometer, personnel ID, record attendance and/or perform a pre-authorization function. These products are ideal for  businesses interested in keeping up with multi-driver/multi-vehicle usage.

FLOWrangler DataLogger-104
Automates the collection of equipment hours and personnel presence while greatly enhancing the accuracy of fuel data profiles for businesses’ fleets when combined with Microsoft Excel®, Dossier or other popular business software – without the paperwork. The DataLogger-104 can be used as a pre-authorization requirement to fuel when used with the FLOWrangler Fuel Controllers.

FLOWrangler Smart Control-105
Add this “smart” controller to the FLOWrangler Fuel Controller for control over your fuel operations with pre-authorization features for starter interrupt, dispensing product, compartmental access and more.

Coming soon, FLOWatch-107 will record engine hours and monitor odometer readings for company vehicles. Used with a “2-touch Option,” the odometer and engine hours are automatically recorded into the fuel record.

FLOWatch GPS-110
Passive GPS system with no monthly fees. Know where your equipment has been and what it has done. 24/7 monitoring by FLOWatch GPS-110.