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hyundaiDealership“The FLOWrangler is effective, accurate solution

for reporting and controlling
vehicle fueling by employees,      John Godyn
VIN, Dept and more.                   N Texas Luxury Auto Dealer
Greatcustomer service!”

DataPak FLOWrangler Controller:

Today, with the increasing gas prices, it is imperative that all fuel consumption be tracked and monitored inside of an auto dealership. The FLOWrangler controller does that and more, see how the DataPak FLOWrangler fuel management system can save you time and money!

• Has alpha-numeric option at the key pad so employees can enter the Stock, RO, or VIN before fueling.

• Will prompt for Employee FuelKey ID# & PIN (both assigned by management) and “Dept Charged.”

• Pre-set gallon and grade restrictions for each Employee.

• KEYper Systems customers may use their control fob to initiate fueling – call today to ask us how!

• Used in many car dealerships – Call for references.